Water Control Project | Construction Progress

08 – Intake Headers Removal and Closure Wall of Bay 1 9 08 22 
15 – Bay 1 Spillway 2nd Lift Pour 12 06 22 
16 – Bay 1 Floor Overlay Pour 12 08 22 
17 – Bay 1 Concrete Spall Repair 12 12 22 
18 – Bay 1 Stoplog Removal and Gate Installation 12 20 22 
23 – Bay 2 Closure Wall Reinforcement 01 18 23

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Indianford Dam Dive Inspection

The video below is a summary report of the dive conducted by GOE on 2.23.23 at the Indianford location. The dive was conducted with Mark Eubank as the Dive Supervisor, John Disanto as the diver, Zane Gerber as the standby diver, and Josh Disanto as the tender. After working to seal the two downstream stoplog gates on bay #3 and #4 2.22.23 , the dewatering attempt was unsuccessful with the water level only dropping roughly 60″. The decision was made to do an inspection dive inside the bay to note any areas of concern that might contribute to the dewatering issues. The diver upon inspection of the bay 3 stoplogs noticed an area of concrete that seemed to protrude from under the bottom log. The concrete void was roughly 12′ to 14′ wide and 6″ deep with exposed rebar felt by the diver. The diver also had a noticeable amount of flow coming into the bay. The decision was then made to do an inspection dive on the outside of the bay #3 stop logs in an effort to find the location of the incoming water. The diver discovered on the left descending side of the bay, roughly 1′ in from the pier ladder noticeable draw. Upon further inspection it was discovered that there was a scour hole from the edge of the concrete apron roughly 24″ long going towards the center pier between bay #2 and #3. The scour was roughly 14″ tall and 8″ deep. The diver then noticed that the center pier had developed severe scour underneath. It too was roughly 14″ to 16″ tall , The diver entered his arm roughly 12″ under the pier with the GoPro unit to determine depth but was stopped by exposed rebar. All noted on the video. The scour was to such a degree that it has exposed what look to be cribbing timbers used during initial construction, again shown on video. The diver noticed a rather strong draw going under the pier as highlighted on the video with the diver showing sand being pulled from his hand. The diver was limited from any further inspection due to the volume of water being released from bay #2. The diver did note that he could feel the water from bay #2 coming around the center pier into bay #3. The reason for this dive was to locate if possible the cause of the dewater issues. We felt at the discovery of the scour that we had found the source of the issue and the dive was secured. We will provide more detail and required information on the situation if another inspection dive is authorized.