August 24, 2022

To:  RKLD Residents and Visitors
From: Alan Sweeney, RKLD Chair

I have received several inquiries about the water levels on Lake Koshkonong and Rock River. While Rock Koshkonong Lake District’s Dam Operator is keeping the lake level within the WDNR operating order for the summer season, the goal of the District is to be at the top of the operating order for the end of the boating season. As you may know the Rock Koshkonong Lake District has been ordered by WDNR to improve water control capacity at the Indianford Dam, a project that began early July and is ongoing. This project is dangerous for the professionals working behind two walls of water and is dependent on the RKLD to regulate water levels at a safe level to ensure the crew’s safety. While it is important to have a water level that recreation can enjoy, it is also important for the contractor’s professionals to be safe in the workplace.

Thank you for your patience!

Chair Alan Sweeney