The 2023 annual meeting scheduled for August 5, 2023, will include the election of two seats on the Board of Commissioners.  The deadline to submit nominations to be placed on the ballot was Friday, July 21.

The names that will appear on the ballot include:

  • Eric (Rick) Richardson (incumbent)
  • Mike Hart (incumbent)
  • Henry (Hank) Chamberlain

Nominations may be made during the meeting.

Lake District Voting Procedures
The laws governing the operation of lake district may be found in Chapter 33 of the Wisconsin State Statutes

Voting Details
Each qualified voter is entitled to cast one vote at the annual meeting. Ownership of more than one parcel of real estate within the district does not entitle the owner to more than one vote. Corporations, governmental bodies and other organizational owners are treated as single owners with one vote.

Who Can Vote?
To vote at annual meetings of the lake district, a voter must be a U.S. citizen over 18 years of age who is either:

  1. An elector (a qualified voter who resides in the district)
  2. An owner of property within the district:
    • A person whose name appears as an owner of real property on the tax roll
    • A person who owns title to real property even though the person’s name does not appear on the tax roll (i.e. a spouse)
    • A person who is the official representative, officer or employee authorized to vote on behalf of a trust, foundation, corporation, association or other organization owning real property in the district

It is against state statute to issue a ballot after the voting commences.