Letter From The Chair

Welcome to the Rock Koshkonong Lake District 2022 fall newsletter. As we move to the end of the boating season, a reminder to take advantage of unusually high water on Lake Koshkonong and Rock River, to move lifts and watercraft that require these conditions in preparation for the fall water level drawdown that begins on October 15.

The DNR mandated Indianford Dam water control project has been paused due to the highwater conditions on the upstream and downstream sides of the project. Water levels have begun to drop slowly and our general contractor, IEI anticipates a resumption of work this week. It is very clear that the water control project is needed to increase capacity for the rain events like we just experienced in September. A September 16, 2022, slow-no-wake order from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office served to the benefit of no one. One of the project goals is to stabilize water levels and reduce slow-no-wake orders.

As adversity usually does, the large rain event on the Rock River watershed gave RKLD an opportunity to learn and use the tools that have been added to the water prediction toolbox. Water flow monitors as well as one of your RKLD officer’s spreadsheets have yielded a prediction tool that at project completion and adjusted for flow capacity, will be used to stabilize levels for benefit of all.

Construction progress have yielded changes to the Indianford Dam Powerhouse both visible and deep in the west turbine chamber. In preparation for removal of most of the second floor of the turbine pit, large concrete termination walls have been installed to reinforce the top powerhouse floor as well as the powerhouse building. The sawing and removal of the 2+ feet thick second floor of the west chamber will resume next week pending water levels and safety protocol. Visible changes are the operator’s platform structure on the face of the powerhouse. This structure will hold six slide gates as well the gate operator mechanicals. The structure also includes an inside staircase to the elevated operator’s platform. The six slide gates are due to be delivered on site the week of October 10th as well.

I want to thank RKLD’s volunteers including our recording officer, commissioners and officers for their service to RKLD.

Chair Alan Sweeney