PAS Project

RKLD Shoreline Restoration 2018 Annual Report FINAL 12-18-18

ERC Annual Report to USACOE (2017)

USACOE Year 3 Monitoring Report Comments 5/23/17)

USACE Year 2 Monitoring report comments (10/5/16)

ERC Annual Report to USACOE (2016)

Shoreline Restoration Annual Report (12/28/14)

Experimental Project (1/20/15)

Rock County Historical Society Donation (2014)

USACOE Close Out Letter e PAS (11/26/13)

USACE Monitoring Requirements (5/15/13)

Shoreline Breach Location 1

EC Inspection (3/11/13)

EC Inspection (3/4/13)

Photo of Log Berm Construction (3/1/13)

EC Inspection (2/26/13)

EC Inspection (2/19/13)

EC Inspection (2/18/13)

Lake Koshkonong EC Inspection (2/11/13)

Construction On-Site Meeting Meeting Minutes (1/28/13)

Notice of Construction (1/18/13)

Notice to Proceed (1/18/13)

Construction Plans (1/17/13)

Minutes from Preconstruction Meeting (1/17/13)

Koshkonong Dredging PreconAgenda (1/16/13)

Arch Site Map- From GLARC (1/15/13)

RKLD -Jefferson County IGA (1/11/13)

Plan Holders List (1/9/13)

ADDENDUM #1 Lake Koshkonong Project(1/4/13)

Dredge Diagrams Request for temporary use of Jefferson County parcel (12/28/12)

Erosion Control at Dredge Site (12/12/12)

Dredge Cross Section (12/12/12/)

Site Prep & Action Plan (12/12/12/)

Dredging Plan Dredging Diagrams (12/31/12)

Request for temporary use of Jefferson County parcel (12/28/12) (1)

Erosion Control at Dredge Site (12/12/12)

Site Prep and Action Plan (12/12/12)

Dredging Plan (12/12/12)

Prevailing Wage Determination (12/5/12)

Flood Plain Zoning Application (12/14/12)

Restoration Grant Award (8/15/12)

DNR Manual Code Approval for Experimental Project (8/7/12)

Mud Lake Restoration Grant Award(8/15/12) (1)

201202580 (1) RKLD Easement Twin Lakes (6/11/12)

RKLD Letter to DNR Graham (6/8/12)

Mud Lake Grant Application Supplemental (6/8/12)

RKLD financial Ability for Mud Lake Project (6/6/12)

RKLD financial ability for Mud Lake project (5/11/12)

DNR Lake Protection Resolution (5/10/12)

MudLake Wetland Grant AppĀ (5/1/12)

Statement of No Proposed Mitigation(1/13/12)

Access Rip-Rap Breakwater Structures (2/23/11)

Bingham Access Experimental Project (1/13/11)

Large Islands and Dredging (1/13/11)

Moderate Islands with Breakwaters and Dredging (1/13/11)

North Shore Bay Experimental Project (1/13/11)

Access Near Shore Breakwaters (1/13/11)

Access Mud Lake Carp Barrier Experimental Project (1/13/11)

Access Dredging Prospects (1/13/11)

Access and Construction Summary (1/13/11)

ACOE Permit Application for Experimental Projects

Lake Koshkonong Experimental Project (4/28/11)

Bigham-Oxbow Experimental Project Memo (5/5/11)

Lake Koshkonong Mud Lake Initial Coordination (5/11/11)

Breakwaters (6/4/11)

Experimental Project Overview (6/22/11)

Planning Assistance to States Lake Koshkonong Project (7/6/2011)

Programmatic Environmental Assesment (7/11/11)

Opinion on Probable Costs (7/25/11)

Lake Koshkonong Experimental Project Permit Application Supplement Submittal (12/20/11)

Lake Koshkonong Project Workshop 3 (9/18/10)Memorandum

Potential Experimental Projects (9/18/10)

PAS Workshop 2 Presentation (7/18/10)Memorandum

Planning Assistance to the States Agreement (3/12/10)

ACOE Response to Ryan (3/26/01)