Hello Rock Koshkonong Lake District Residents,

Unfortunately, the construction on the Indianford Dam water control project is again paused due to the present high-water levels. The general contractor, IEI pulled off the project the week of March 20, 2023 due to the conditions that prevented dewatering of the east chamber. Work left to complete the improvements to the east chamber include concrete sawing and the installation of a new spillway on the interior of that dam chamber as well as a floor overlay on the bottom of the powerhouse, deep inside the structure. Before the contractor pulled off the project, repairs were completed to the wingwall on the downstream side of the powerhouse as well as a repair of the scour hole in the bottom floor of the powerhouse as mentioned in the February newsletter. To make the repair, 88 cubic yards of concrete were installed in the wall with a process called grout bagging with an additional 5 cubic yards installed for the scour hole repair.

At the time, other necessary projects were addressed including a debris dredge in the downstream side of the dam. The failure of earlier contractor to remove a causeway was in the RKLD Board opinion, was the cause of the failure of the wing-wall and the late winter shutdown of the completed west chamber’s 3 new gates. The wall repair and the large amount of debris dredged has changed and improved water flow exiting the structure.

Work continues for the electrician to complete the power for operating the gates as planned. Some modifications are required to one of the gate operator screws in the east chamber which complete the installation of the gate operators. As a result of the repairs mentioned, three gates in the west chamber are fully open and two gates in the east chamber are temporarily open 30% pending the mentioned project completion.

I would like to thank our general contractor, IEI for being able to adapt to the challenges that have come before us. I would also like to thank your RKLD Board, officers and staff for adapting to those same challenges.

Alan Sweeney, Chair RKLD

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