The construction of the water control project is winding down with warranty work on gate four controller and Wisconsin Historical Society required painting of the new supporting structure being completed. The paint is color matched to the trim of the historic powerhouse and was in the original design specifications. The gate four controller is scheduled to be commissioned on October 4, 2023. This will be the third attempt to commission the troubled component. The large threaded element does not match the gearbox and was returned to the manufacturer and is currently waiting on site for the installation of that controller by the contractor, IEI.

The WDNR mandated debris boom is going through some design changes due to the high costs estimates presented to the Lake District.  An additional challenge is the difficulty to find contractors for the installation. The project due date is September of 2024 when these items along with other bucket list items must be completed.

This year, the Indianford Dam is due for a full inspection as mandated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. These complete inspections are due every 10 years.

The RKLD Board of Commissioners has received many questions about the DNR mandated winter drawdown taking place in October. The drawdown is to initiate October 15 until the winter max water level 776.0 measured at USGS gauge #05427235 is reached. All gates at the Indianford Dam have been closed since June of 2023 and while still in compliance the operational goal was to be at the summer max 776.55. The current 776.29 is a short adjustment to the winter level. The timing of that water level adjustment may be slowed due to the increase in control capacity and the continued lack of precipitation this season.

RKLD continues to discuss with the Wisconsin Department of National Resources the timing of these seasonal adjustments as well as other issues regarding the regulation of items related to the Indianford Dam along with the ability to address all lake users items of interest. In the near future,  a  hydro engineering study will be completed to gauge the capacity of the new water control project and its effectiveness.  This will be a major step in providing to the DNR evidence that modifications may be made to current operating order.

Enjoy you beautiful, wonderful Wisconsin fall!

Alan Sweeney RKLD Chair