I appreciate and share your concern about the high water affect on farmer’s fields.  I had 16 acres of high yielding soybeans in low land fields that I was unable to harvest last fall due to high water levels after September.  That was the first time I couldn’t get into those fields in the fall.  It was close to a $9,000 loss.  I suppose I could blame the wicket gates for that, however not for the same reason that you would.  You see those fields are downriver from the Indianford dam so maybe those wicket gates are working too efficiently and letting too much water through.

The reality is that Mother Nature has blessed us with an overabundance of water recently and the entire river system is doing its best to handle it.  The condition of the Indianford dam wicket gates has absolutely nothing to do with the water levels right now, neither on the lake, upriver from the lake nor downriver from the dam.

I’m sure you are a decent person with good intentions and I have no desire to attack your character.  Please be careful about crying wolf though.  It does have a long lasting effect on how people perceive you.