Officials are warning about dangerous ice conditions on Lake Koshkonong. On 1/7/2019 at approximately 9:00 am, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office Rescue Team was requested to assist the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office with a water rescue on Lake Koshkonong. The incident location was near Vinnie Haha Rd, in the Town of Koshkonong.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office air boat was deployed during the incident. The immediate area was searched, and the incident was determined to be unfounded. While on the lake in the air boat, large open water was
seen and experienced in many areas of the lake. Ice thickness was only a few inches in most frozen areas
and appeared to be very unstable, as it was breaking with just the weight of the air boat. There are also
several large pieces of debris frozen in the ice and floating in open water.

As the warmer weather, wind, and rain continues, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office would like to advise the
public of the current unsafe ice conditions on Lake Koshkonong and surrounding bodies of water. Direct any questions regarding the incident to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.