Water Level Control Update – April 3, 2024

The water level is rising.  With a large amount of precipitation, all gates at the Indianford Dam are presently open to facilitate the movement of water through the system.

The recent implementation of updates to the Indianford Dam has significantly increased the District’s capacity to manage water flow, allowing us to handle a much greater volume than previously possible.¬†Under normal conditions, the lower river can effectively manage a flow of approximately 5000CFS, with discharge achievable at standard tailwater elevations. However, with today’s inflow recorded at 7000CFS and projected to escalate to 10,000CFS, it’s expected that water levels in the lake will rise until inflows reduce below 5000CFS.

Our primary goal has been to ensure consistent water levels under typical conditions, with our control range typically set between 1000 and 5000CFS, occasionally exceeding for short durations. It’s important to note that sustained flow rates exceeding 5000CFS will inevitably raise water levels upstream, necessitating time for excess water to traverse through the system. The secondary goal of the water control project has been to minimize flood and no-wake durations, and the additional discharge availability will contribute to achieving this goal.