On August 5, 2023, the Rock Koshkonong Lake District held their annual meeting which included an election for two open seats on the Board of Commissioners.  The candidates that submitted nominations prior to the deadline of July 21 to be included on the ballot were Eric (Rick) Richardson, Mike Hart, and Henry (Hank) Chamberlain.   Names on the ballot were listed in the order of when the nominations were received. During the meeting, Carolyn Schiffner was nominated as a write-in candidate.

Eric (Rick) Richardson  94
Mike Hart  101
Henry (Hank) Chamberlain 74
Carolyn Schiffner 54

There was a total of 157 ballots issued with 156 ballots voted.  One ballot was not counted since the voter intent could not be verified.
After the annual meeting was completed, the Board of Commissioners met for the Election of Board Officers.

Al Sweeney

Susan Shearer
Mark Meyer