Welcome to a chilly Lake Koshkonong and Rock River!

Excellent ice fishing is being reported on the lake with 2-12 inches of ice with excellent water clarity. Precipitation and ground water levels in the water shed are extremely low and water resources are limited. Despite those conditions, RKLD’s dam operator has kept the lake water levels at or slightly above the DNR maximum winter operating order. With winter freeze-up, the wicket gates at the Indianford Dam are frozen up as well, however the eastside dam slide gates are operational for the mandated water level adjustments.

The Indianford Dam water control project is underway with electrical updates installed and (6) slide gates and actuators under construction off site. On site installation as well as wicket gate removal is scheduled for March as those materials arrive on site. Also required with the wicket gate removal are underfloor removal of large sections of concrete for effective water flow through the dam powerhouse structure. The cleaning boom update and reconfiguration which is in front of the powerhouse, is being designed to better screen large debris that will result in the elimination of the unsustainable trash racks. As stated in my spring report, RKLD has struggled with water control that has resulted in property damage and slow-no-wake events during the boating season. This DNR mandated water control project along with the installation of the six new slide gates is scheduled to be completed winter 2022.

RKLD is looking forward to the completion of the DNR wetland impact study. This study required a complete calendar year of water levels within the DNR operating order which has not been attained until now. The completion of this study and the completion of the water control project will open the discussion of increasing the water level orders which has been a subject of discourse for years.

Boaters may have noticed an increase in navigation and obstruction buoys on Lake Koshkonong this past boating season. RKLD has installed these buoys to increase safety and navigation as well as marking dangers within the lake. The RKLD Secretary is completing the permitting process for these buoys followed by grant applications for the purchase of buoys. The Rock County Board is considering amendments to the slow-no-wake ordinance that would affect the location of the SNW buoy(s) location west of the I90/I39 bridge.

I would like to thank my fellow RKLD Board volunteer members for the hard work and continued dedication to the issues that effect the RKLD lake district.

Chair Alan Sweeney

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