Click Here for full report: ERC Annual Report to USACOE (2017)

Project Overview

The Lake Koshkonong Dredging and Shore Protection Project was permitted under U.S.Army Corps of Engineers Permit (USACE) 2011-00258-SLM and a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) Manual Code Approval issued to the Rock-Koshkonong Lake District (RKLD). This project was initially identified in the cooperative agreement between the RKLD, the WDNR, and the USACE in the Planning Assistance to States program for Lake Koshkonong.

The permittee is the RKLD and agents to RKLD are Eco-Resource Consulting, Inc. (ERC) and Montgomery Associates: Resource Solutions (MARS). Vegetation monitoring was conducted by Senior Ecologist, Stephen Hjort, and Senior Biologist, Matthew Parsons on August 23 and October 12, 2017.

The purpose of the approximately one-acre shoreline restoration project was to provide shoreline protection for an eroded shoreline that protects and separates Mud Lake from Lake Koshkonong proper. The restoration area was used as the disposal site for dredge spoils generated from Lake Koshkonong near the North Shore boat landing, and is part of an ongoing study of both dredging efficacy and shoreline restoration. The restoration site was armored with large riprap to protect the restoration area from further erosion. Dredging and construction were completed during the winter of 2013. The restoration area was dormant-seeded in the winter of 2013 and was seeded again in July 2015.

At this time, performance standards have not been met for Year 5. Overall, the site has approximately 85% total vegetative cover (including native and non-native species). ERC recommends installing native seed/emergent marsh plants in areas of lowest elevation that are often inundated in order to increase vegetation cover across the site. Also, ERC recommends the restoration site continue to be monitored to prevent invasive species establishment.

Click Here for full report: ERC Annual Report to USACOE (2017)