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Past and Current Lake Levels

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 Below is an example of how to convert the Stage level to current water levels of Lake Koshkonong

The Datum Gage and Stage Level are measured in feet above sea level.
Datum Gage + Stage Level = Water Elevation Today 770.00   Datum Gage
+ 5.42    Sample Stage Level
775.42   Water Elevation Today
The Datum Gage is always 770.00. The Stage level varies with water elevations.
Summer Operating Orders
776.33 Maximum
776.20 Target Level 776.10 Minimum
Winter Operating Orders
775.77 Maximum
775.27 Crest of Dam
775.00 Minimum
  776.20 Summer Target
– 775.95 Water Elevation Today
.25 feet Below Target
.25 feet = 3 inches 


Results of DNR Public Hearing (Lake Koshkonong EA Decision) – March 2005

DNR Mandates Facilitated Meeting – October 2001

Water Level Letter Sent to the DNR – September 2003

Wetlands Association Requests Summer Draw Down – May 2003

DNR Water level Order – 1991

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